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Birthday Dress – Burdastyle 5/2013 #123

For my 30th birthday, on the 12th September, I went out to dinner with my closest family. It was very special to me because my parents are divorced and I never get to see my whole family together. Also I wanted to make my grandpa happy and he really likes to see me in light colors.


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Petticoat for a Wedding – part 2


For the 2nd and last tier, I cut 4 layers of tulle, 300 x 23cm (120″ x 9″), times 3.

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Petticoat for a Wedding – part 1

I always wanted a petticoat but never had a good excuse to make one, until one of my best friends got married and I was a bridesmaid. We could choose our own outfits, as long as we wore red. I made a strapless dress, with sweetheart neckline and a midcalf a-line skirt, and a petticoat to give it a little bit of oomph (but not too much).

My main concern was comfort, I wanted a light petticoat that didn’t itch. This was very experimental, I didn’t follow a pattern or any instructions whatsoever, so I decided not to invest on expensive fabrics. I used tulle and polyester lining for the top tier.


It all began with a 140x35cm (56″x14″) piece of lining and 4 layers of tulle, 300x23cm (120″x9″) – seam allowance included.

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My name is Inês, I’m 30 years old and I was born and raised in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a methodical Virgo.

My parents divorced when I was a baby and I grew up as an only child. My half sister was born when I was 18.

I live with my boyfriend JP in the outskirts of Lisbon and we’re very happily-not-married 🙂

I have a degree in Archaeology but I chose not to practice, because work conditions in that area are absolutely terrible in Portugal. Sad but true. So I work as a customer care supervisor at a telecommunications company. I’m good at it, it’s uninteresting and stressful, but at least I get a paycheck every month, right?

On my free time I like to give free rein to my creativity and make stuff. I enjoy sewing, cooking, knitting, painting, drawing, jewelry making, and whatever else I get interested in. I’m always willing to learn, experiment new techniques and put my resourcefulness to the test.

This blog is meant to be a crafts diary where I record my work in progress and finished projects, for my own learning purposes and to keep track of what I make. Also, I get inspiration everyday from the web and was able to learn so much – I’d like to give something back and share my accomplishments… and mistakes!

So take off your shoes, have a cup of tea and be welcome to my little corner! 🙂

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