Petticoat for a Wedding – part 1

I always wanted a petticoat but never had a good excuse to make one, until one of my best friends got married and I was a bridesmaid. We could choose our own outfits, as long as we wore red. I made a strapless dress, with sweetheart neckline and a midcalf a-line skirt, and a petticoat to give it a little bit of oomph (but not too much).

My main concern was comfort, I wanted a light petticoat that didn’t itch. This was very experimental, I didn’t follow a pattern or any instructions whatsoever, so I decided not to invest on expensive fabrics. I used tulle and polyester lining for the top tier.


It all began with a 140x35cm (56″x14″) piece of lining and 4 layers of tulle, 300x23cm (120″x9″) – seam allowance included.


I gathered the 3 layers of tulle using 5mm (3/8″) stitches.


This is what I got after pinning the gathered tulle to the bottom of the lining.


I then sewn them together and pressed on the right side.


I needed to figure out a way to finish the inside so that the tulle’s seam allowance wouldn’t bother me and be itchy, so I decided to use the lining’s seam allowance to bind the tulle. That’s why I folded it in and pressed it.


I folded it like if it was bias binding and pinned it to place.


This is what it looks like pinned, from the right side.


I top stitched it right next to the tulle.


The gathered tulle is so stiff that it actually doesn’t need anything else other than a good press. I was surprised to find out it would stay where it was supposed to, and didn’t require anymore top stitching.


This is what I got after the lining and the first tier of tulle were sewn together and finished. Not bad. 🙂



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