Petticoat for a Wedding – part 2


For the 2nd and last tier, I cut 4 layers of tulle, 300 x 23cm (120″ x 9″), times 3.


I made binding tape from strips of lining. I didn’t bother to cut them on the bias, since they were meant to bind a straight seam, without any stretch to it. I sewn the “side” seams of the tulle and the lining strips together.


Sewn down the binding on the wrong side…


…and top stitched it. I did this twice, leaving one side open, which would correspond to the back seam.


I then gathered the whopping 9 meters of tulle to 1/3 of its length, which took me more than an hour.  😦


This is what I got after I sewn it to the previous tier.


I finished the seam by binding the seam allowance.

DSC03079-Here it is pinned, before sewing down the binding by stitching at the ditch.


This is what it looks like from the right side, after I pressed it. Almost done 🙂


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