Petticoat for a Wedding – part 3



For the back seam, I sewn it with another binding strip and finished it with the technique I used to attach the 3 pieces from the 2nd tier of tulle, by binding and then top stitching it flat.


This is the finished back seam.


One more step left: inserting the elastic at the waist. I just folded and pressed the top of the lining’s seam allowance.


And folded and pressed again to make a nice casing.


Some people like to sew the casing first and then insert the elastic. I like to put the elastic inside the casing first, and sew it in closely using a zipper foot, to keep it from twisting.


Here’s the finished petticoat worn under the dress it was made for.


Here it is under another dress.

I’m quite happy with it, as experimental as it is. It’s not very voluminous so I can wear it to work. I have worn it several times since I made it and I find it quite comfortable, so it fits its purpose. I’ll probably make another version to wear with shorter skirts, and next time I’ll use nicer materials.


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