Owl Cushion for my Sister

My sister loves owls and really wanted an owl cushion for her 12th birthday, on the 3rd November. So I decided to make her one. I based it on this tutorial, but made it a little bigger, I think – final measurements are 43cm (17″) high by 47cm (18 1/2″) wide. I also changed it up a bit by adding feathers to the owl’s belly.



Front: dark green and black herringbone
Back and strip: black velvet
Wings: purple tartan flannel
Belly: black polyester suiting
Feathers: black satin (9), army green satin (8), dusky pink satin (9), wine suiting fabric (8), dark blue satin (8)
Beak and feet: golden satin
Eyes: white and black felt


I used an upholstery fabric as a backing on the front and back, and also on the center strip – which is made of two pieces, a 130cm (51 1/8″) long one and a 32cm (12 5/8″) long one that was placed between the points of the ears.


First, I sewn the iris to the eye using a straight stitch. I sewn the feet and beak pieces together and filled them. I decided to make a padded beak because I think it looks cuter.


For the belly, I marked the base polyester fabric with lines 2cm (7/8″) apart, for my sewing lines. I made the pattern for the feathers from a 4cm (1 5/8″) diameter circle and chopped a little strip off on top. I then placed them 1cm (7/16″) over the bottom line.


Here’s how they look like after they were sewn to the base fabric.


I repeated the process for every line, trying to make a nice pattern with the different colors.


This is the finished pattern piece. I used half of the feathers on some spots to make sure the base fabric wouldn’t be visible. It ended up being unnecessary, as the wings covered them.


I pinned the wings into place, to make sure I had the placement right. I turned down the top of the belly piece and topstitched it into place.


I did the same with the wings.


I then hand sewn the beak into place and machine stitched the eyes, using a straight stitch instead of a zig-zag stitch, for a cleaner look.


I sewn the side strip to the front part, and feet between them. Lastly, I sewn the back part to the strip, leaving an opening at the bottom to fill the cushion.


This is the final result. I’m big on recycling and repurposing, so I filled it with small scraps of fabric – the kind that one usually throws away, I keep to use for these sort of projects.

I must say I was a little sad to part with it, but my sister loved her gift and it now sits proudly on her play room.



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2 responses to “Owl Cushion for my Sister

  1. Tão giro!!!! Mas o que eu gosto mesmo é dos dois vestidos do post anterior…. de fazer cair o queixo! Excelente Trabalho!

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