Two versions of the A-Line Dress, BurdaStyle 05/2011 #108B

Untitled-1 copy

I made these dresses a couple of years ago, they’re both based on BurdaStyle A-Line Dress 05/2011 #108B. Although they were made from the same pattern, I think they have a very different feel. The main change I made to the pattern, was to tweak the front and back bottom pannels to fit my hips.


This dress was made from repurposed fabric from an old gown that was once deeply loved, but just wasn’t my style anymore. So instead of leaving it to rot in the back of my closet, I decided to chop it up and give it a new life. It’s made from a heavy satin. I had a very limited amount of fabric to work with so I had to shorten the skirt. I changed the neckline by reducing the straps and trimming it with a black and white vichy cotton bias tape, that closes on the shoulders with a bow.


For this one, I used a heavy army-green satin, trimmed with a wide lace at the neckline, front and back. I think it adds a dressier feel to it.


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