50s Ribbed Shrug


It’s been a long time since I knitted something. To tell you the truth, I never knitted anything but scarves. However when I recently discovered the array of free vintage patterns available online, I really wanted to pick up my needles again and have a go at more complex projects.

I started by making a ribbed shrug based on this pattern that I got from Liz @ zilredloh. It’s pretty simple but I totally needed the practice.


The main problem with this pattern is that it has no gauge – it was a problem for me, I think some people may find it an advantage. So I went with my gut and used 4mm circular needles (US size 6) and a black worsted 3-ply yarn I had in my stash. The gauge ended up being 11 stitches per 5cm (2 inches) in the pattern’s ribbing (k2, p2). Here’s the finished piece before I sewn the side seams together.


I could only see if I had the gauge right after it I’d sewn the sleeve/side seams. As you can see the finished piece is bulkier than the pattern picture, but I actually like that.


I have broad shoulders and I’m pretty tall, so it ended up fitting me nicely and I’m very happy with it. I’ll definitely make this again in a color, next time I’ll probably try a slighty thinner yarn and see how it goes.




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2 responses to “50s Ribbed Shrug

  1. zilredloh

    Your shrug is lovely, Inês !!! Can’t wait to see what you knit up next. 🙂

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