Beaded Necklaces

beaded necklaces

I am kind of obsessed about beading right now and I’m a bit of a hoarder with my supplies 😛 Here’s the 4 neckaces I finished and 2 works in progress, which are still missing their cameos. I’ll be making the cameos with polymer clay, but I want to make a bunch of them at once, I hate turning the oven on to cure just a couple of pieces.


6mm and 8mm acrylic faceted beads and a large 7cmpendant with 10mm faceted cabochons and 4mm flatback crystals, on 0,35mm nylon thread.


5mm rice acrylic pearls and 3mm acrylic round pearls, on 0,20mm waxed thread.


5 rows of 6mm acrylic pearls and 11/0 irregular antique gold beads, on 0,35 nylon thread.


6mm acrylic pearls on 0,35 nylon thread.


Irregular peyote rope (9 beads per row) made with size 11/0 Miyuki seed beads in Transparent Crystal Frost and a setting for a 25x18mm cameo. Made with 0,20 nylon thread.


6mm and 4mm acrylic pearls on 0,35 nylon thread, and a setting for a 40x30mm cameo.  I also made a matching bracelet.



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4 responses to “Beaded Necklaces

  1. All of them are gorgeous. I guess that they beat my wife’s beadings.

  2. Well, You can compare Yours made by my wife. Here:

    How to make a beaded bracelet?.

    Happy beading!

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