50’s Leaf Pattern Jumper


For the first jumper I ever knitted, of course I had to make my life easier and choose a challenging pattern:  a jumper in leaf pattern and ribbing, published in Woman and Home February 1950, that I got from Bex @ Subversive Femme

The pattern allows for several sleeve lengths so I  went with 3/4 sleeves. The neck band ended up being 46 inches long (instead of 36” as the pattern asks for) – I felt I needed the extra length to tie a pretty bow.


Here’s the front piece in the left hand side, unblocked, and the back piece in the right, after blocking.


And the sleeves for comparison, unblocked and blocked. As I was knitting, the sleeves looked way too narrow, but after blocking and setting the sleeves and trying the jumper on, they are actually ok. The rib is stretchy enough to fit (snuggly).


I must confess I was a little intimidated about the pattern instructions. I mean, one pattern repeat is 36 rows long, with a whole lot of yarn overs and K2TOG’s and PSSOs… However, after I took a deep breath and began, after repeating the pattern twice it became kinda logic and obvious. By the end of the back piece, I didn’t need to look at the instructions anymore.


This is after I sewn the shoulders and set in the sleeves.


The final result is a bit shorter on me than on the pattern picture, but I’m probably taller and definitely wider than the pattern lady. It hits me on the waistline which is what I wanted. In retrospect I shouldn’t have waited until after Christmas Eve dinner to take a picture, after a 4 course dinner I looked a little bloated… xD I think this picture doesn’t do the jumper any justice and I must redeem myself and take better pics soon 🙂



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4 responses to “50’s Leaf Pattern Jumper

  1. roma1912

    Just love vintage knits, this is FABULOUS, seems to me you are destined to be a knitter 🙂

  2. Bex

    Oh wow – congratulations, it looks fabulous ;).

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