About Mut


My name is Inês, I’m 30 years old and I was born and raised in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a methodical Virgo.

My parents divorced when I was a baby and I grew up as an only child. My half sister was born when I was 18.

I live with my boyfriend JP in the outskirts of Lisbon and we’re very happily-not-married 🙂

I have a degree in Archaeology but I chose not to practice, because work conditions in that area are absolutely terrible in Portugal. Sad but true. So I work as a customer care supervisor at a telecommunications company. I’m good at it, it’s uninteresting and stressful, but at least I get a paycheck every month, right?

On my free time I like to give free rein to my creativity and make stuff. I enjoy sewing, cooking, knitting, painting, drawing, jewelry making, and whatever else I get interested in. I’m always willing to learn, experiment new techniques and put my resourcefulness to the test.

This blog is meant to be a crafts diary where I record my work in progress and finished projects, for my own learning purposes and to keep track of what I make. Also, I get inspiration everyday from the web and was able to learn so much – I’d like to give something back and share my accomplishments… and mistakes!

So take off your shoes, have a cup of tea and be welcome to my little corner!

Keep reading if you want to know a little more about me:

I’ve been interested in all things crafty from a very young age. At kindergarten I’d rather be drawing, painting and sculpting while the other kids were playing and running. At elementary school, I preferred to read and make stuff while the other kids were still playing and running around. I started sewing by hand when I was 7 or 8, making dresses for my Barbie dolls from old scraps of fabric. I also learned how to knit and cross stitch.

I always lived comfortably, but my family didn’t have a lot of money to spend on clothing, so by 8th grade I would modify and fix the hand-me-downs I got. At age 11, I took painting lessons for beginners and learn how to (barely) play the guitar.

I kept drawing and painting so I decided to study Art in high school. Afterwards I enrolled on the Painting degree at the University of Fine Arts – and absolutely hated it. I was expecting to learn the techniques to work with several mediums, and was deeply disappointed.

By then I was a working student and earned my own money, so I was able to buy fabrics and began making my own clothes. Two factors motivated me: a) I’m cheap, but the clothes I liked were expensive; and b) I’m a near impossible fit for commercial clothing. Initially I’d draft my own very simple patterns, on a trial-and-error basis, and sewed by hand as I couldn’t afford a sewing machine. I must have been about 21 when my stepmom lent me hers, an 80’s Singer that she almost never used.

I got my own first sewing machine, also a Singer, for my 25th birthday. I was still making crappy clothes though – I had nobody to teach me and patterns around here were hard to come by and very expensive. Gladly, BurdaStyle magazine launched in Portugal 3 years ago and I’m an avid collector ever since. I bought myself a serger and really started evolving my sewing skills.

And that brings us to today. I proudly make almost all my clothes and some accessories and get a lot of compliments about it, and I feel I improve my skills with every project. It’s a greatly fulfilling experience for me!


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